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Dr. Amy Pinkham is Professor of Psychology in the School of Behavioral and Brain Sciences at The University of Texas at Dallas. Dr. Pinkham’s research uses functional neuroimaging (fMRI) and behavioral techniques to examine how the brain processes social information, how these neural systems may be disrupted in schizophrenia and related disorders, and the behavioral consequences of these impairments. Dr. Pinkham’s recent work has focused on evaluating the psychometric properties of the best existing measures of social cognition in order to improve assessment of this important construct. She has also developed and validated mobile cognitive tasks that can be used to assess cognitive and social cognitive abilities in individuals’ natural environments. This work has highlighted the important role that both cognition and accurate self-assessment of ability plays in real-world functioning. She has been awarded multiple research grants from the National Institute of Mental Health and several foundations supporting the advancement of mental health. She has authored over 140 peer-reviewed publications and 10 chapters. She currently serves as Associate Editor of the Journal of Experimental Psychopathology and serves on the editorial board of the Journal of Psychopathology and Clinical Science (formerly the Journal of Abnormal Psychology).

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