Tomasz Walkiewicz  Student

I am a graduate of the WSB University in Warsaw, with a major in psychology in business. I wrote my bachelor’s thesis on “The influence of personality traits included in the dark triad on the position in the hierarchy of an organization”. I’m currently a therapist in training in an accredited center of SFBT (Solution Focused Brief Therapy). I am a psychology student at the Collegium Humanum in Warsaw where I broaden my knowledge in psychology.  I am also an active member of one of the student research clubs. I am continually expanding my knowledge by attending science conferences or various courses which are mostly focused on psychotherapy or sexology.

My main interests are: cognitive behavioral therapy, sexology, psychology of motivation and emotions, personality disorders, criminal psychology. I see science as a tool to improve the quality of life of the whole society. This is why I want to be an active part of this change.


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